Did you know? Dental implant cost can be spread out over time with convenient payment plans?  Many patients mistakenly think that they will need to pay the entire cost, up front. The reality is that the entire dental implant procedure can take some time and involve several steps. That means that you will have the ability to pay for each procedure as it is completed.

Dental Implant Cost – Convenient Financing Options


First, check with your dental insurance carrier to see what portion, if any, of dental implants they cover. We are pleased to offer several financing options for our patients at Periodontal Specialists of Vinings, including Carecredit® and Wells Fargo® Financing.

Dental Implant Cost is an Investment in YOU

Dental Implants are an investment in your health as well as your appearance. A full set of teeth makes eating a pleasure again, making it easier to eat a balanced, healthy diet. A full set of teeth also preserves the contours of the face, keeping you from looking old before your time.

Why should you schedule a Dental Implant Consultation with Periodontal Specialists of Vinings?

  1. We offer a $99 CONSULTATION with 3D X-RAYS!
  2. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY* on our work.
  3. We utilize 3D Diagnostic Technology (3D X-RAYS), which allows us to get a more accurate picture of your jaw and gums to ensure a successful placement. You should never have an implant without getting a 3D x-ray first!
  4. We have several different SEDATION OPTIONS.
  5. Dr. Bezreh is specialty trained to place dental implants. He is a BOARD CERTIFIED PERIODONTIST with the Board of Periodontics & Implant Dentistry.
  6. Worried about payment? We offer multiple FINANCING OPTIONS. Click here to read about dental implant cost.


Schedule your $99 Dental Implant Consultation utilizing 3D X-Ray Technlogy today.

Offer valid for 30 days.


* Conditions apply. Call for details.