Periodontal Microsurgery

“You can do well what you see, if you see well what you do.” ~ 15th Century Proverb, Unknown

Here at Periodontal Specialists of Vinings we utilizes the most modern technology in order to serve our patients in the healthiest and most beneficial manner possible. The use of the microsurgery microscope in periodontics has many benefits for our patients including:

  • Better precision due to enhanced motor skills which improve surgical ability
  • Decreased tissue trauma at the surgical site
  • Aids in wound closure helping to avoid painful inflammation of the soft tissue

Please contact us for more details about how the use of the microsurgery microscope can benefit your treatment!


Periodontal Piezosurgery

Piezoelectric surgery is used to cut through bone to shorten it, lengthen it or change its alignment (osteotomy). It is used for implant-site preparation, bone grafting, sinus-floor elevation & edentulous ridge splitting. It is a minimally invasive technique that lessens the risk of damage to surrounding soft tissues and important structures such as nerves, vessels, and mucosa. It also reduces damage to bone cells while permitting good survival of the cells during the harvesting of bone. Handling of delicate or compromised hard- and soft-tissue conditions can be performed with less risk for the patient.