3D Digital X-Rays & Printing Technology

3D Cone Beam X-Rays

In an effort to continue to offer our patients the newest and safest technology, our dental office has implemented cone beam 3D diagnostic technology. This technology surpasses the traditional two-dimensional technology, such as digital X-rays and standard film, in many ways. The benefits of cone beam 3D technology include:

  • 3D Conebeam X-RayMore accurate images
  • Less exposure to harmful radiation
  • Ability to comprehensively evaluate all bony anatomy
  • More cost-effective for both the patient and the dentist
  • Better patient understanding of their dental health
  • Images taken in an open environment, increasing patient comfort

We are proud to be the first dental practice in Tampa Bay Area to utilize CBCT technology (2005) and is currently available in all locations: Palm Harbor, Trinity, Spring Hill, Tampa (Westchase). With cone beam 3D imaging, we can be more precise in diagnosing dental problems, including conditions that are more difficult to diagnose with traditional X-rays. Cone beam 3D diagnostic imaging also helps our dentists predictably and successfully place dental implants. We can utilize cone beam 3D imaging to assist in planning and completing several types of treatment, including dental implants, root canal treatment, and more.

Intraoral 3D Scanning Technology


Here at Coastal Jaw Surgery, Same Day Teeth we pride ourselves on implementing the latest and greatest dental technology that it available, including Intraoral 3D Scanning. This allows us to eliminate the need for traditional impressions which require large uncomfortable trays to stay in the patient's mouth for several minutes while the impression material sets. Intraoral 3D Scanning is much quicker and there is virtually NO cleanup as NO messy impression material is used, which can get on the patient's face and clothes and also cause a gagging sensation.

With Intraoral 3D Scanning, the impression is digital and displays on a computer screen immediately for the doctor and patient to see as it is being taken. This allows our doctors to instantly review your dental status and recommended treatment with a visual display. See what we see!

Treatment time is also expedited as the case is sent to the lab immediately though a digital file, opposed to the additional days required for traditional shipment. Intraoral 3D Scanning is FUN too! All of our patients enjoy seeing and experiencing this advanced dental technology. It creates for a better patient experience, while being more accurate and comfortable at the same time.

Have your teeth been scanned digitally? Come to Coastal Jaw Surgery, Same Day Teeth to experience this advanced innovative dental treatment solution that very few dental practices offer today.

Have questions? Call us and speak to one of our friendly care coordinators.

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In addition to providing the most advanced and experienced implant dentistry to the people of Florida, Dr. Pikos also heads the Pikos Institute based in Trinity. Pikos Institute is recognized globally as one of the finest teaching organizations for 3D-based implant surgery courses. Doctors from around the world visit Pikos Institute to learn from Dr. Pikos' decades of experience and vast wealth of knowledge. When you choose Coastal Jaw Surgery, you are choosing a practice that is at the forefront of oral surgery education and is leading the way for the future of implant dentistry and periodontal services.

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