Dental Implants

Why Choose Us?

  1. We offer a $99 CONSULTATION! If you proceed with your treatment at our office, that can be applied towards treatment.
  2. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY* on our work.
  3. We utilize 3D Diagnostic Technology (3D X-RAYS), which allows us to get a more accurate picture of your jaw and gums to ensure a successful placement. You should never have an implant without getting a 3D x-ray first!
  4. We have several different SEDATION OPTIONS.
  5. Dr. Bezreh is specialty trained to place dental implants. He is a BOARD CERTIFIED PERIODONTIST. We use the best materials and
  6. We are a ONE-STOP-SHOP for your implant needs! We can do it all (implant, crown, abutment) right here in our office.
  7. Worried about costs? We offer multiple FINANCING OPTIONS.

Schedule your $99 (normally $180) dental implant consultation today and you will receive FREE** 3D Conebeam Digital X-Rays (normally $350)! A total value to you of $431!

Offer valid for 30 days.


* Conditions apply. Call for details.

** The free 3D cone beam x-ray scan is the property of Periodontal Specialists of Vinings and cannot be transferred to another practice or doctor. However, in the event of a transfer request of said scan a fee would apply. There is a cost associated with the consultation itself. For more information, please call us.

Dental Implants

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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are posts, which is placed into the bone to provide a long-term solution for tooth loss. Dental implants resemble natural teeth and can completely restore your smile and substantially improve your oral health.

There are many reasons for tooth loss. The most common is advanced periodontal disease. Whether you’ve lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, an accident or decay, a dental implant can permanently restore your smile, ability to eat and speak. Replacing a lost tooth (or teeth) is important and can prevent the shifting of surrounding teeth. Dental implants can also be used to support dentures or a bridge.

What is 3D Diagnostic Technology?

In an effort to continue to offer our patients the newest and safest technology, our dental office has implemented cone beam 3D diagnostic technology. This technology surpasses the traditional two-dimensional technology, such as digital X-rays and standard film, in many ways. The benefits of cone beam 3D technology include:

  • More accurate images
  • Less exposure to harmful radiation
  • Potential to recognize serious problems earlier
  • More cost-effective for both the patient and the dentist
  • Better patient understanding of their dental health
  • Data-sharing software to easily send pertinent information to the patient’s general practitioner
  • Images taken in an open environment, increasing patient comfort

Cone beam 3D diagnostic imaging also helps us predictably and successfully place dental implants. You should never have an implant without getting a 3D x-ray first!

Single Dental Implants

Single Dental Implants dental implants

Immediate Dental Implants

dental implants


Is it painful to receive a dental implant?

Modern technology, CT technology, and sedation dentistry minimizes discomfort associated with receiving dental implants. Our team is trained and certified to offer sedation dentistry. This allows for a very relaxed and comfortable experience, no matter the extent of dentistry needed.

Patients of Periodontal Specialists of Vinings report feeling very little discomfort during and after treatment. Read more about Sedation Dentistry. Read Patient Testimonials

How should I choose a dental implants specialist in Vinings?

It is important to choose a dentist that has advanced training in Implant Dentistry, as well as many years of experience in placing and restoring dental implants.

Dr. Bezreh received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) in 2003 from the Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston University in Boston, MA. He continued his education at the School of Dentistry, Louisiana State University in New Orleans, LA where he completed a 3-year Residency program in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry in 2006.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

There are many factors that our Vinings dental implant specialist will consider prior to recommending your plan, including: adequate bone support, healthy gum tissue, overall health, and sinus and nerve location.

Dr. Bezreh can offer solutions for patients who do not initially meet the requirements needed to receive a dental implant, including: bone & tissue grafting and periodontal disease treatment.